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Kyo Maclear’s work has found a readership across a public-to-academic spectrum. Her books have been published by major houses and by university presses, translated into fifteen languages and published in over twenty countries. Her latest book, Unearthing, is the story of family secrets and inheritance that goes beyond heredity. Her book, Birds Art Life, follows two artists on a yearlong city adventure. It is at once a meditation on art, urban-nature and a quest for a creative and meaningful life. Her novels The Letter Opener (2007) and Stray Love (2012) were both pub­lished by Harper­Collins Canada under the Phyllis Bruce imprint.

Kyo is also the author of Beclouded Visions: Hiroshima-Nagasaki and the Art of Witness, pub­lished by the State Uni­versity of New York Press.

Her essays have been anthol­ogized in: Private Inves­ti­gators: Undercover in Public Spaces (Banff Centre Press); Witness & Memory: The Dis­course of Trauma (Routledge); Like Mangoes in July: The Work of Richard Fung (Insomniac Press); ReMem­bering the Body (Hatje Cantz); Inter­secting Circles: The Voices of Hapa Women in Poetry and Prose(Bamboo Ridge Press); and Taking Risks: Literary Jour­nalism from the Edge (Banff Centre Press)

She is the author of many inter­na­tionally pub­lished children’s books: Spork, Virginia Wolf, Mr. Flux, The Specific Ocean, The Good Little Book, The Liszts, The Fog, Yak and Dove, Bloom, Story Boat, The Big Bath House among others.

Essays, Reviews and Articles

Kyo’s essays, reviews and articles have been pub­lished in Orion, Shambhala Sun, Brick, Canadian Art, The Millions, LitHubThe Volta, Resilience JournalISLE Journal, The Literary Review of  Canada, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Saturday Night, This Magazine, Fuse, Prefix Photo, Azure, Quill and Quire, Asia Art Pacific, Toronto Life and C Magazine.

Edited Works

In addition to her own writing, she has also had the privilege of editing several art, archi­tectural, and design mono­graphs, including:

Andrew Rucklidge Paintings 2005 – 2007 (Christopher Cutts, 2008); Incomplete Man­ifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau (BMD, 2007); Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg: A Monograph (Birkhauser, 2003); Aiko Suzuki: Selected Works 1973 – 2003 (Gendai Gallery, 2003); Tokyo Think Zone Life Style (Mori Gallery, 2002); Mark di Suvero (Gagosian Gallery, 2001); Pop Art: The John and Kimiko Powers Col­lection (Gagosian Gallery, 2001); Lepanto: Cy Twombly (Gagosian Gallery, 2001); and Life Style by Bruce Mau (Phaidon, 2000).

She is currently an Editor-at-Large with Tundra Books (Penguin Random House Canada) where she curates a collection called CRAFT.